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Simple. Clean. Confident.

Non-Toxic Skincare for Kids
Daughter Face Wash

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Our Story

At Cheeky Melon, we're revolutionizing skincare for the modern family. Designed for kids aged 8-14, our products are the perfect blend of integrity and simplicity. We ensure every busy parent can provide top-notch care without the hassle.


Our mission is clear: to deliver safe, effective skincare solutions that slip seamlessly into your fast-paced life, and create peace of mind knowing we've sorted through all of the bad, and just kept the good.

We know you have many choices as a consumer, and we truly appreciate your decision to choose Cheeky Melon. Thank you for trusting us with your kid's skin. 


Join the Cheeky Melon family and experience the ease of building healthy habits and maintaining healthy skin for your children. 

With Cheeky Melon, you and your child will feel Simple. Clean. Confident. 

Cheeky Smile
Mother Daughter Self Care

Clean Ingredients

Cruelty Free

Sustainable Raw


Cheeky Smile

100% Cheeky

Why Cheeky Melon?


A cornerstone of our brand

We promise to be fully open about the ingredients we use, giving parents peace of mind and confidence in choosing our products. Each item in our skincare line is crafted with clarity and care, ensuring you understand exactly what's nurturing your child's skin. We are committed to honesty and openness, providing you with all the information you need to make informed choices for your family's skincare needs. 

Honest Formulas

None of the bad, all of the good

Our skincare products are crafted with the utmost attention to safety and purity, ideal for children's sensitive skin. We avoid harsh chemicals, fillers, and parabens, using only clean ingredients that minimize the risk of irritation. Our line includes both unscented and subtly scented options, ensuring there is a gentle and effective choice for every child.

Healthy Habits

Get a jump on skin success

We believe in nurturing healthy skincare habits from an early age to ensure lifelong skin health. Starting these practices young helps children develop a routine that prioritizes cleanliness and self-care, setting the foundation for healthy skin into adulthood. Our products are designed to be safe, fun, and educational, encouraging kids to enjoy and look forward to their daily skincare rituals.


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